Hollywood School Volunteer Program

Volunteer in Ghana and contribute to the sustainable development of the local community. You’ll work towards our project goals while experiencing life in Ghana and immersing in the rich local culture and heritage. There’s a lot to do in Ghana as a volunteer:


Teaching and Child Development Program

What you can do-

Volunteer in Ghana and help Hollywood School to improve the lives of disadvantaged young children in our communities.

Work in our school as support staff helping to shape young minds.

You’ll live with a local host family who will welcome you with open arms; this will be your home away from home.

You could also opt to live in our volunteer home which has everything a hotel has to offer.

Coach local children to improve their soccer skills

Live in Elmina and get coaching experience by helping local children improve their soccer skills

What you do-

Work closely with local coaches and teachers to help develop the sports skills of teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

By working at the club, you’ll teach the young players about teamwork and discipline whilst improving their physical health.

It’s a great way for you to refine your own skills and learn new training techniques from different coaches.

Nursing Internship in Ghana

Understudy nurses in different hospital departments and do health checks during medical outreaches.

What you do-

Travel to Ghana and get valuable work experience by joining our Nursing Internship at Hollywood Scho. You will learn from qualified nurses and doctors. Expand your knowledge and make your resume stand out.

Gain practical experience doing basic health checks in local communities. This is impactful work, as we provide healthcare services in disadvantaged areas.

You will be based in one of the three locations in Ghana and live with a host family. We encourage you to make the most of your free time to explore the country.


Volunteer in Ghana.. Costs

The program provides Accommodation and 2 meals a day with snacks

Completely flexible dates

Anyone aged 16 or over can join

From 1 week

Contact us for prices and an itenary.